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The Brand

Mahogany believes in emboldening women through carefully designed lingerie that raises your awareness and appreciation for your own body and sensuality. Our selection of toys are thoughtfully selected to please the eye as they please your body and make you feel beautiful.

Our oils, condoms and lubricants are flavored and scented to arouse your senses and increase your pleasure with yourself or a partner. Our body enhancer pills help you reach your desired body goals and sexual prowess.

Shop our Goody Bag collection for special occasions, as gift bags or fetish packs. We also cater to special requests all throw the year.

Contact Us

Telephone: +234 902 511 3077

16 Community Rd, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Monday to Friday: 10am to 6pm

The Team

We are a team of self-aware women. Deeply and thoroughly in love with our own sensuality and proud of the journey that bought us here. We are unapologetic and without shame.

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